Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Step towards Wisdom

In the past few months, I encountered an exciting experience. Another breakthrough in my learning experience!

I started to appreciate the role of wisdom in life, especially when making a decision that will impact others. Together with such revelation, I begin to understand my lack of wisdom self.

Thankfully I was blessed with a perseverance and humility to admit my inadequacy. With the learning mindset, I put effort to observe some wise leader around me.

I noticed the following actions or mindsets can help me to be wiser in my decision:

- Be truthful cause the truth and only the truth that can set us free

- take time to look at the long term impact

- make sure you have a decision that is accompanied with a reason.

The last point is really helpful for me. I will imagine that I am explaining the reason of my choice to a virtual being in side my head. If I can not convince someone with my reason. There might be something wrong with he decision making process.

Though not perfecting me, the above steps help me in decision making and challenging my mind that is more incline toward intuition than facts.

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